One on one training

Personal, hands-on private classes at your convenience.

Available in the East Coast Bays, Hibiscus Coast and Rodney areas.

1. Home and Off-Site Visits

Fee* is $150.00 per hour or $430.00 for 2 sessions providing 3 hours of training in total
Session 1 – duration of 1 to 2 hours
Session 2 – duration of 1 to 2 hours

  • Suitable for dogs or puppies requiring an individual programme.
  • Training is aimed at the specific requirements of the dog or handler.
  • Designed for those who cannot attend classes due to other commitments.
2. Canine Behaviour Consultations

Fee* is $550.00 for 3 one hour sessions

  • Private consultations take place at our premises.
  • Your dog is assessed and a customised programme is developed for you and your dog.
  • All family members are welcome to attend.

Travel costs are additional – if travel is necessary and agreed, you may be charged for travel costs.

Positive training enhances the bond between the dog and owner.

Private training and behaviour sessions are particularly useful when:

  • You would benefit from advice prior to your puppy or dog joining a group class to ensure the most beneficial start, thus avoiding potential issues at a later date.
  • You wish to start training before your puppy has had their vaccinations and, as above, to ensure the best possible start for your puppy.
  • You would like help with common behavioural issues such as house training, play-biting, separation anxiety, etc.
  • You wish to take advantage of training prior to attending classes to ensure you have more control and improved focus from your dog.
  • You are unable to commit to regular class times.
  • You would like to include the whole family in training.
  • Your dog has some behavioural issues which are difficult to deal with in a class situation.
  • Your dog does not settle well in a class situation.
  • You have a reasonably well-trained dog but require help with just one or two aspects of training. For example, improving your dog’s recall and/or improving walking on lead.
  • You have a generally well behaved dog but would like to improve your training knowledge and give your dog more enjoyment through advanced training exercises
Dog Training