Puppy and dog selection

Puppy and Dog Selection
I help you identify and select a puppy or adult dog that will suit your family and lifestyle
Are you considering adopting a puppy or adult dog, but you’re not sure what kind of dog would fit into your family?

Are you wondering where to start when searching for a new canine pet?

Can’t decide whether to get an adult dog or a young puppy?

Have you been researching dogs but you don’t really know what questions to ask?

Are you unsure how to evaluate puppy or dog temperaments?

I provide consultation and advice on choosing your next puppy or adult dog. I help you develop a profile of the type of dog that would make the best match with your needs and circumstances – what size and energy level, amount of exercise and grooming required, suitable breed, finding a knowledgeable breeder, breed health checks required, temperament, recommendation and evaluation of rescue/shelter facility and the puppy/adult dog considered for adoption, etc.

Advice on puppy and dog selection
Advice on puppy and dog selection
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